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Haze (Swe / Trollhättan)

Haze (Swe / Trollhättan)
Band Info
Hard Rock
Sweden (


1987 - XXXX
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Martin Johansson - Vocals, Guitar (Johansson Och Det Starka Bandet, Ensemble Nocturne, Gaia, Marionet)
Peter Ehlebrink - Guitars (Johansson Och Det Starka Bandet, The Travelling End, Zoolo & Twang, Cage)
Claes Johansson - Bass (Johansson Och Det Starka Bandet)
Håkan Andersson - Drums (Primary Man?)
Niklas Laihanen - Keyboards
Not to be confused with Haze (Alingsås).

Formed in 1987. Released the private single 'Make Me Explode! / Blood Ran Cold' in 1991 and had the songs "Use My Car" & "Top of the Hill" on the 'Rock The Community' CD compilation, issued by Hövik Records in 1992. Most of the members are today active in Johansson Och Det Starka Bandet.
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