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High Level (Swe)

High Level (Swe)
Band Info
Heavy Metal
Sweden (

Lund, Malmö

1981 - XXXX, ca 2012-present
Photos / Videos
Official Website
Erik "Rix Volin" Briselius - Vocals, Bass (Syron Vanes, Wizzy Blaze)
?Jerry Lövlien - Guitar, Vocals
Jonny "The Rocker/Allen" Ahlgren - Guitar
?Danne "MetalAnimal" Pålsson - Drums (7 Sins)
Former / Past Members
John McIron - Vocals
W. Stout - Guitar
Erik Augher - Bass
Danny Wheeler - Drums
Ola Nilsson - Manager R.I.P.
Recorded several demos and also had the track "Devil's Gate" on the Ebony comp 'Metal Warriors (1983)'. They also recorded a split single with MAD INVASION (featuring Peter Türsch; STONEPEPPER, BALTHAZAR) but it was never released due to the studio going bust. Erik Briselius joined SYRON VANES together with the manager Ola Nilsson after the split of HIGH LEVEL. The band reformed ca 2012.
V/A Compilations
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