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Heartline (Swe / Norrköping)

Heartline Norrk ping
Band Info
Melodic Metal / AOR
Sweden (


Official Website
Jonas Blum - Vocals (Dizziness, Pole Position, Rebels, Sleazy, Bhonus, Reptilian, Majestic, Optimystical, Per Connman/De Flon & Jonas Blum, Vagh)

Lars Boquist - Guitar (Dizziness, Pole Position, Trigger, Hetz, Reptilian, Neondaze, Fair of Freaks)

Lars Hultman - Bass (Dizziness, Pole Position, Trigger, Sleazy, Grand Vision, Concrete Feat)

Daniel Gese - Drums (Dizziness, Pole Position, Trigger, B.H.A.T.A., Grand Vision, Hetz, Stone Cold Crazy)

Joachim "Jocke" Åberg - Keyboards, Bass (Pole Position)
Not to be confused with Heartline from Karlshamn.

Formed after the split of Dizziness with a new vocalist; Jonas Blum and Joachim Åberg on keyboards. They recorded several demos and later became Pole Position.
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