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Hydra (Swe / Sthlm)

Hydra (Swe / Sthlm)
Band Info
Heavy Metal
Sweden (

Jakobsberg, Stockholm

1982 - 1984, 2007 - present
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Pelle Moen (1981 - present) - Vocals (Lex Veneris, Split Sex, Exil)
Rolph Ericsson  (1981 - present) - Guitar (Lex Veneris, Maeday, Karlstad Korv, Split Sex, Exil, Viggen & The Jumbojets)
Alex "Jr" Madsen (2007-present) - Guitar
Arne Tarkanmäki (1981 - present) - Bass (Lex Veneris, Wet n Wild, F.A.T.)
Michael Madsen (1981 - present) - Drums (Lex Veneris)
Former / Past Members
Stefan Byrstedt (1981-1984) - Guitar (Lex Veneris)
Anders Tjernberg (1982-1984) - Guitar
HYDRA was put together in 1983 from the ashes of another vicious metalacts from Jakobsberg, G.A.S and LEX VENERIS. Founding members old schoolmates Arne Tarkanmäki, Pelle Moen, Michael Madsen, Stefan Byrstedt recruited Anders Tjernberg (who basically substituted Rolph Ericson) as second leadguitarist. The band recorded the song "Cross of Iron" for the Pang compilation 'Förortsrock - Musik Från Järfälla (1983)'. They dsibanded the following year but would reunite in 2007 at a rehearsal. That meeting gave birth to a little baby called "Der Totenkopf".

Songs Recorded:
Cross Of Iron
Heavy Metal Heaven
Satan or God?
The Crowd
The End Of Time
Night Of The Evil
The Sun Will Never Rise Again
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