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Highlight (Swe)

Highlight (Swe)
Band Info
Heavy / Barbarian Metal
Sweden (


1980 - XXXX
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Magnus Leufvenius - Vocals, Bass
Michael Leufvenius - Guitar
Mårten "Brÿnwolf" Leufvenius - Drums
Former / Past Members
Patrik - Drums
Bio (from Metal Knights The Resurgence Of Swedish Steel 1983-85)
Highlight was formed in the south of Sweden in early 1980. The original line-up was a five-piece band that rehearsed intensely for a two-year period. In the autumn of 1982 they went into the studio to record four songs for a first demo. The band was never satisfied with these recordings and the demo was never released. In may 1983, Magnus (bass & vocals) and Michael (lead guitar) decided to split from the other members and record a new demo tape that really could show the full force of their music. They convinced their brother Mårten to do the drum tracks for this demo, and after rehearsing their new songs for about two weeks, the four-song demo 'A Night at Valhalla' was recorded. This time they recorded, produced and engineered the demo themselves to get complete control of the end result. Manager Ola Nilzzon, who also managed Syron Vanes at the time, recieved a copy of this demo and was so excited that he immediately started to promote the band without even asking them. They appeared in several magazines and soled a couple of hundred copies of the demo tape all over the world. In the following months, they were contacted by several record companies, all asking for more  material.

Highlight had to fund a permanent drummer, and eventually found Patric. With Patric in the band, the sound of Highlight wsa moving into a darker, faster and even heavier type of metal. In the summer of 1984, the band recorded their second demo called 'Bring On The Terror'. This time manager Ola obtained a record deal for the band. The long awaited break was finally within reach, but unofrunately here the story ends, due to a series of sad and strange circumstances. The tragic death of Ola was the first shock. The second was the longterm illness of Patric. In the light of these events, the record deal did not seem as interesting any more and the band never really promoted the new demo. The 1984 demo tape is therefor a real rarity. That was then and this is now. The band-members have been in different bands since the Highlight days. On the Stamp It tour in 1991, they appeared together again under the name Electric Blue at the south Swedish region final. Rumour has it that Highlight will re-unite again and release a new demo in 2003. Well, we just have to wait and see...

Info from review (Metal Forces #3, 1984)

Sweden’s HIGHLIGHT come from the same management stable as the excellent SYRON VANES, and have a slightly similar sort of sound; though the production is more rougher. Highlight are a three-piece comprised of three brothers who claim to be ancestors of “the rawest Viking in Scandinavia”, one Sture Leufvenius. Michael Leufvenius is a classically trained guitarist, whilst Magnus plays bass and is also the vocalist, and Brÿnwolf is the drummer. Magnus has a voice similar to Ronnie Atkins of PRETTY MAIDS and HIGHLIGHT’s four-track demo is pretty good stuff; definitely influenced by old Sture with titles like ‘Rape and Plunder’!

Whereas Highlight aren’t exactly going to set the world alight like their forefathers tried to do, they are certainly much better listening than HEAVY LOAD or Finland’s RIFF RAFF. Best cut on the demo is ‘Pilgrim’; a hot piece of mayhemic slaughter. On reflection, if Highlight continue to write songs in the style of ‘Pilgrim’ then they could well be up there with the best of ’em. How many more Swedish heavy metal bands are there hidden away? Metal Forces is waiting for your tapes. - Dave Reynolds

The song "Pilgrim" was later included on the compilation 'Metal Knights: The Resurgence Of Swedish Steel [Compilation] (1983 - 1985)' released in 2003 by Stormbringer Records.
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