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Hatred (Swe)

Hatred (Swe)
Band Info
Thrash Metal
Sweden (


1985 - 1986 (as Desperate Brains) / 1987 - 1990 (as Hatred)
Thomas "Tommie Agrippa/Lyon" Lundin (1986-1990) -  Vocals (Destiny, Hexenhaus, Damien, Keegan, Memento Mori, Fifth Reason)

Kenneth "Dåren" Wiklund (1985-1990) - Guitars (Asocial, Desperate Brains, Uncurbed, Centinex, Visions, Ångest, Btd, Distrust, Deathrace, MTG)

Johan "Chainsaw/Ichtapp/Deathking/Jonken/Kapten/Katten" Jansson (1988-1990) - Guitars (Asocial, Uncurbed, Centinex, Gluttony, Interment, Moondark, Regurgitate, Uncanny, Dellamorte, Fulmination, Beyond, Parasit, Spritvev, The Cocksucking Mistress, The Uncurbed Family, Demonical, S.G.R., Fleshrevels, Fuckface, Panzerfaust, Pyosisfied, Sideburners, Chainsaw, Frostheim, October Tide (live))

Thomas "Tompa" Andersson (1987-1990) - Bass (Asocial, Uncurbed, Deathrace, Crossing Chaos, Indignation, Visions, Svart Parad)

Sonny Svedlund (1985-1990) - Drums (Desperate Brains, Beyond, Interment, Dellamorte)
Former / Past Members
Tommy "T.B." Bergren (1985-1987) - Vocals, Bass (Asocial, Desperate Brains, Uncurbed)

Jan "Janne" Björke (1987-1987) - Guitars
Formed in the province of Dalarna, Sweden, in 1985 as a punk / metal crossover band called DESPERATE BRAINS by guitarist Kenneth Wiklund (former bass player of a punk band called Asocial), bassist / vocalist T.B. (previously the singer of Asocial) and drummer Sonny Svedlund. After having written and recorded a demo in 1986, they decided that they needed a new singer. They asked Thomas Lundin (formerly the singer of a band which mostly played covers from bands like Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, T.N.T. etc.) who joined.

In 1987 the band wrote new songs more in the thrash / speed metal vein. T.B. left the band and was replaced by Tomas Anderson (formerly bass player of a punk band called Svart Parad). At this time the band adopted the monicker Hatred after a Manowar song. After their first live gig in April they recorded the demo "Winds Of Doom" in May in Musikstugan, Falun, where they recorded all of their promotional demos. The demo was well received in fanzines all over the world, among them Kerrang!. Before the year had ended they also recruited a second guitarist named Jan Björke and did several shows around Sweden. The song "Antichrist" became somewhat of a live favorite.

Towards the end of 1987 Jan Björke was fired and in early 1988 guitarist Johan Jansson joined instead. Hatred wrote new material, did many live shows and also recorded a new demo called "Welcome To Reality" in 1988. Their sound was now thrashier than before and the second demo was also well received. This year Thomas Lundin was offered the vocalist position in Hexenhaus but didn't accept. In 1989 Hatred performed live as usual and wrote and recorded new demo material. Per Fontander, host of national radio show Rockbox, included Hatred and the song "Tempted By Violence" on the compilation "Rockbox" which was released on Sonet. Hatred was also played in the show.

In 1990 they recorded their final demo "The Forthcoming Fall" which was both faster and harder than before. Hatred appeared on the Dala-rock Festival among other shows. At a gig in Sandviken in August Thomas was once again offered the vocalist job in Hexenhaus. This time he accepted the offer and two weeks later he moved to Stockholm. Some of the remaining members planned to continue under the name Extrauma with T.B. on vocals again but the plans failed. Instead they went on to different death metal bands such as Interment, Centinex and Dellamorte.

Throughout their career, Hatred did about 25 live shows, recorded three official demos, released one track on a compilation album, appeared on radio, in magazines and fanzines and became well known in the 80s thrash metal underground scene. The only thing that failed to realize was a record deal.
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1989 Rockbox
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