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Horoscope (Swe / Trollhättan)

Horoscope (Swe / Trollhättan)
Band Info
Hard Rock / Heavy Metal
Sweden (


1979 - ca 1984
Lennart "Stonte" Kramer - Vocals, Guitar (Stonte Kramer)
Mikael Andersson/Teger - Guitar (TV3, Backstage, Choke)
Anders Janocha - Bass (TV3, Backstage, Catwalk)
Olof Larsson - Drums (TV3, Backstage, Astrolites)
Info from Janne Stark's Encyclopedia
The band was formed by Anders and Mikeal around 1977, initially as TV3, but changed it to BACKSTAGE and in 1979 they became a trio and the name was HOROSCOPE. They found a mentor in popster Peter Fransson (aka Peter Le Marc) who helped them record some demos. They all had different inspirations, from Rush and Deep Purple to Hendrix to Blondie and Television, which made the musical style quite wide. The first single is however good poppy hard rock with nice guitar playing. The second single was released as STONTE KRAMER WITH HOROSCOPE and was actually singer Lennart "Stonte Kramer's" solo project, but he wanted HOROSCOPE to back him. In 1983-84 the style became a bit more complex, but finally military service made the boat sink. After this, Janocha joined the band CATWALK, but left before they recorded anything, while Anders formed hos own HOROSCOPE. In 2004 the band reunited for a show (with both line-ups). Nowadays, Larsson is in the rock group ASTROLITES.
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