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Missing in Discography
- Demo #1, 1992
- Demo #2, 1993
- Demo #3, 1993
- Demo #4, 1994

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Idiots Rule (Swe)

Idiots Rule
Band Info
Female Fronted / Heavy Metal / Post-Thrash Metal
Sweden (


1992 - 1994
Official Website
Sabrina "Sabbe" Kihlstrand - Vocals, Guitars  (Ice Age, Gardenian)   
Pia Nyström - Guitars (Ice Age, Stranded in Sweden)   
Niclas Engelin - Guitars (In Flames, Gardenian, Sarcazm, Drömriket, Engel, Passenger, Kerozene)
Viktoria "Vicky" Larsson - Bass (Ice Age, Zero Illusions, Idiots Rule, Notre Dame, DoomDogs/Dogs of Doom)
Anders Ström - Drums (Mindblizz, NME Within, Slavestate, Rusty Souls, Earthrise)
Thomas Fredriksson - Keyboards (Tai Rose?)
Former / Past Members
Lori Linstruth - Guitars (Guilt Machine, Warbride, Stream of Passion, Jaded Lady, Ayreon (g), Mountain of Power (g))
Formed some time after the breakup of Ice Age by ex-members Kihlstrand and Nyström. Other important members would be Ström and Larsson, while others came and went. The band recorded four demos and appeared on three compilations, perhaps most notably on the Metal Militia - A Tribute to Metallica album to which they contributed a cover version of 'For Whom the Bell Tolls'. The band gigged mostly locally, but also did one show in Denmark.
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