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Iron Pitts (Swe)

Iron Pitts
Band Info
Covers / Rock
Sweden (


Åsa Svensson - Vocals

Mikael Nygren - Guitar (Etype, Killerhawk, Renegade, Magus, T For Trouble, Avenue, 5th Avenue, Something, Kallare Än Glass, Strip Down, De Överblivna) R.I.P. May 1994

Per-Anders "Pelle" Thuresson - Guitar (Overdrive, Overheat, Paradize, TNT, Kallare Än Glass, Flash, Marbles, Crosseyed Mary, AC/DC Jam)

Bengt Petersson - Bass (Magus, Heartline, Kjelles Källarband)

Åke "Age" Karlsson - Drums (Killerhawk, Renegade, Magus, Paradize, Tengel, Blue Town, Something, Kallare Än Glass, Ray's Request, Thin Lipsztick, Strip Down, De Överblivna, Bubblor I Näsan, Håkon Flöjt Band, Styrelsebandet, Magnus, Under Cover)
Rock cover band active some months in 1982.
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