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Icarus (Swe)

Band Info
Hard Rock / Heavy Metal
Sweden (


Michael Ohlsson - Vocals (Zircus, Zeit, Silent Knight, New Clear Daze, Michael, Big M, Hagen, Michaels Mansion)
Kari Toppinen - Guitar (Genocide, Zircus, Silent Knight, New Clear Daze, Scandinavian Skies, Return, Thunderfly)
Kent "Kenta" Fernlund - Bass (Genocide, Scandinavian Skies, Return, Boerney Und Die TriTops (Ger))
Peter "Tjobba" Åsblom - Drums (Zircus, New Clear Daze, Michael)

Icarus (Genocide / Zircus)
Studio note

In the remains of Genocide Kari and Kent stayed on reforming a new band that would become Icarus. The name was never used outside the demo disc with the two songs "Free Me" and "In Love With You", but the studio note (studio log book) from that recording shows that they were not at all agreed on the name.

The band made only one studio recording under the name Icarus and the line-up on that recording was the following:

Kari Toppinen (g)
Kent Fernlund (b)
Michael Olsson (v)
Peter "Tjobba" Åsblom (d)
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