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It's Alive (Swe)

It's Alive (Swe)
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Hard Rock / AOR / Glam
Sweden (


1987 - 1995
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Henrik "Baffe" Olsson - Vocals (Black Dog)
Joakim "Kim" Björkegren - Guitar (Shed, Lazy, Chosen By Gods)
Per Aldeheim - Guitar, Backing Vocals
Peter Kahm - Bass (Dog Faced Gods, Ebony Tears)
Richard Evensand - Drums (Lion's Share, Sorcerer, Therion, Jeckyl & Hyde, Demonoid, Dog Faced Gods, Ebony Tears, Southpaw, Black Majesty, Chimaira, Toehider, Soilwork (live)
John Rosth - Keyboards, Backing Vocals (Lazy)

Former / Past Members
Martin "Martin White / Max Martin" Sandberg - Vocals, Choir
Anders Jansson - Vocals (Mother Groove)
Per Ahlström - Bass (Shed, Lazy)
Anders "Gus" Gustavsson - Drums
IT'S ALIVE attended Rock-SM 1988. In 1991 Dave Constable at Mega Rock Records offered the band to record a demo CD. Several rock magazine liked the band and they did a tour in Germany and Switzerland. A few years later they got a record deal with producer Denniz Pop on Cheironstudion. IT'S ALIVE recorded their 2nd album 'Earthquake Visions'  at Cheironstudion in Stockholm. It was released in 30 countries but sold in only 30 000 copies. Anders Jansson replaced Max Martin (then Martin White) in 1995 and for about a year the band worked hard to renew the record contract and write new material. Unfortunately, the song material wasn't interesting for the record companies. They wanted Eurodance style like Herbie, E-type or Ace of Base. IT'S ALIVE disbanded as a group in 1995. MAX MARTIN broke through as a producer and songwriter in the mid-1990s after crafting a string of hits for pop artists like Ace of Base, E-Type, the Backstreet Boys, Britney Spears, *NSYNC and Robyn.

(from Janne Stark's Encyclopedia)
Formed in 1987. Kim was ex-SHED while Per, Kim and John played in the band LAZY. The first 7" is a very rare item and the style is more soul/pop-oriented. After this the band went for a more heavy yet melodic and funky hard rock style. At times in the vein of DAN REED NETWORK at their heaviest. The first CD was only released as a promo. The single 'Metapolis' was never officially released due to the band landing a deal with Cheiron Records. There was also a cassette album enclosed with an issue of the English metal magazine Metal Forces. In 1994 IT'S ALIVE pursued an European-tour as support for KINGDOME COME, after which drummer Anders "Gus" Gustafsson quit the band. He was replaced by ex-SORCERER drummer Rickard Evensand. Unfortunately, late 1994 the charismatic singer Martin decided to leave the band for a career as songwriter for Cheiron Records. The band recorded some some demos with singer Anders Jonsson (ex-MOTHER GROOVE) but later settled for former BLACK DOG singer Henrik "Baffe" Olsson. The new material had a much heavier approach, but still in the good old IT'S ALIVE vein. The band however split in 1995. All singles contain non-CD tracks. Per Alderheim has contributed to the songwriting for DEF LEPPARD and SCORPIONS, while Max Martin is a household name in the circuits of BACK STREET BOYS, CELINE DION, WESTLIFE, PINK, BRITNEY SPEARS etc. Evensand is today living in Australia, playing with progressive rockers TOEHIDER and Björkegren is in heavy rockers CHOSEN BY GODS.
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