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Inzight (Swe)

Inzight (Swe)
Band Info
Melodic / Hard Rock / Heavy Metal
Sweden (

Brunflo, Östersund

1987 - 1991, 2005
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Stefan Sedvalsson - Vocals
Mikael Stålberg - Guitar
Per Erixon - Guitar
Peter Eriksson - Bass
Håkan "Håcke" Eriksson - Drums (Godblender, Blackshine, Face Down)
Former / Past Members
Christer "Frille" Åsell/Nääs - Vocals (220 Volt, Donnerblitz, Magic, Jamt Aid, Empire, Pipeline)
Anders "Stockis" Öhman - Vocals
Thomas "Drevve" Drevin - Guitar (220 Volt, Jamt Aid, Empire, Pipeline, Solar Moon, Nocturne)
Peter Gidlund - Guitar
Mats Sannetorp - Guitar (Zpeedfreak)
Tommy Mattsson - Drums
Formed 1987 in Brunflo, Östersund playing solid heavy metal with influences from ACCEPT, JUDAS PRIEST, AC/DC etc. In 1989 they released the single 'Lay Down Stay Down' which was recorded over a weeked at Studio Kuling, Örebro. About 1000 copies was pressed and all of them sold out fast without any commercial marketing.

When the former vocalist and lyric writer Anders "Stockis" Öhman left the band INZIGHT took in Christer Åsell/Nääs from 220 VOLT, DONNERBLITZ etc. The band attended a music contest in 1990 arranged by Medborgarskolan where they ended on 4th place in the finals at Medborgarhuset, Stockholm.

In 1991 the band split-up. Some of the remeaining members went on in other bands and some just quit playing. However in 2005 the bassplayer was tired of sitting and see how hes old bass just collecting up dust. He called some of the old friends from INZIGHT and asked if they wanted to go out and play some metal covers and they took in new blood like Håkan "Håcke" Eriksson on drums and Thomas "Drevve" Drevin on guitar (even him from, 220 VOLT). This was the start of a new era for INZIGHT.

Thomas became a dad in 2008 and departed from the band, replacement was guitarist Mats Sannetorp and later Per Erixon.

List of INZIGHT'S recent gigs:
Garaget: 05-12-10 BRUNFLO
Metalfriends: 06-02-18 LIT
Kolmilan: 06-04-29 BRUNFLO
Private party: 06-08-26 STUGUN
Kolmilan: 06-12-01 BRUNFLO
Survival MC: 07-04-21 ÖSTERSUND
Bygdegården: 07-05-26 TANDSBYN
Kolmilan: 07-09-29 BRUNFLO
Private party : 07-11-17 LIT
Maritè: 08-05-09 ÖSTERSUND
Börjebirgers MC: 08-11-01 KLÄPPE
Börjebirgers MC: 08-12-25 KLÄPPE
Private Party: 09-02-28 STUGUN
Metalfriends: 09-04-25 LIT
Bjärme bygdegård: 09-10-17 BJÄRME
Kolmilan: 09-10-24 BRUNFLO
Whyatt Earps: 09-12-12 ÖSTERSUND
Börje Birgers: 09-12-25 KLÄPPE
Nornan: 2010-02-27 STUGUN
Survivals MC: 2010-04-30 ÖSTERSUND
Hårkvallen: 2010-06-19 LIT
Stråket Sommarland: 2010-07-29 ÖSTERSUND
Metal Party: 2010-08-19 BÖRTNAN
Draupner: 2010-09-25 SVENSTAVIK
Råholt: 2010-10-15 +16 NORGE
Bygdegården: 2010-11-05 TANDSBYN
Survivals MC: 2010-11-27 ÖSTERSUND
Vitgården: 2011-07-09 BRUNFLO
Strömbackakvarn: 2011-07-16 HACKÅS
Private Party: 2011-09-17 BRINGÅSEN
Draupner: 2011-12-30 SVENSTAVIK
Random: 2012-01-05 BRINGÅSEN
Nornan: 2012-05-05 STUGUN
Börtnan 2012-08-18
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