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Jonah Quizz (Swe)

Jonah Quizz (Swe)
Band Info
Heavy Metal
Sweden (

Jakobsberg, Stockholm

1979 - 1986
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Johan Längquist - Vocals (Notorious, Candlemass, Impulsia, D-Project)
Anders Bergman - Guitar
Tony Bohman - Guitar
Kenth "Kenta" Edvardsson - Bass (Dark Ice (rehearsals))
Anders "Ogre" Lindgren - Drums (Dark Ice (rehearsals))

The band was formed in 1979 when five friends from Stockholm decided to start a Heavy Metal band. The line-up consisted of Johan Langquist - Vocals, Kenth Edvardsson - Bass, Anders Bergman - Guitar, Tony Bohman - Guitar and Anders Lindgren - Drums, with added eminent help from another dedicated friend, Roine Andersson - the rodie.

JONAH QUIZZ immediately started working very hard, focusing on producing their own sound and their own songs (with lyrics in Swedish) with as good quality as possible. Fairly soon JQ got some appreciation from their growing audience, and the band started playing clubs like Ultrahuset, Berzelli, Glädjehuset, Riddar Jakob, Engelen, Björkeby, Jordbromalmskolan and Studion frequently. The band did some gis at a variety of festivals and they also attended the first Rock SM competition, beaten by EUROPE.

All in all, the band did some 30 gigs, but they spent most of their time in their studio at Volvotaket in Järfälla, carving their sound. JQ also managed to produce 2 demos, the first in 1980 and the second produced in 1982. The band did actually get a couple of offers from smaller record companies (one of which was the infamous Pang Records) but didn't feel up to signing anything yet.

JQ continued producing great HM stuff during a couple of more years and they also did switch from Swedish to English lyrics. Unfortunately JQ never recorded any more demos, so their last songs are yet to be revived. The bad decided to split up as they were doing their military service and they never found the same path back to their own JQ sound again. - Source: Jonah Quizz - Anthology Booklet

Johan Lanquist later joined CANDLEMASS and did the session vocals on their first album 'Epicus Doomicus Metallicus (1986)'. Messiah Marcolin later joined as CANDLEMASS vocalist. When Messiah left the band Leif Edling called Johan and asked if he wanted to replace Messiah, Johan did one rehearsal but nothing took off.

Johan appeared at the CANDLEMASS reunion show in 2007 and is part of the AOR project IMPULSIA. He also sings on some demos with the reunited band NOTORIOUS.
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