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J.R. Band (Swe)

J.R. Band (Swe)
Band Info
Punk / Rock / Hard Rock
Sweden (


1979 - 19XX
Known Members
Jukka "J.M.T." Rasilla - Vocals? (Red Checkers)

Jan "Janne Borgh" Borg - Bass (Karl Brun & Highway, Wulcan?, Snake Hips, Moderns, Strindbergs, the Repeatles, Scratch, Strindbergs, Neon Leon, Spion 13, Django’s Coming, House of Dolls, Desperate Romantics, The Periwinkles, Silver, The Buddyboys, Air Force, Shake)

Trolle Rhodin Jr. (???) - Guitar? (Buddy Boys, Shake)
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