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- Give The Iron, Compilation CD 2005?

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Jonny Cartong (Swe)

Jonny Cartong (Swe)
Band Info
Hard / Heavy / Rock
Sweden (


1979 - present
Official Website
Christer Bergman - Guitar, Harmonica, Vocals (Silfver)
Anders Rothman - Guitar, Vocals
Per Elvberg - Guitar, Handclap
Urban Mattsson - Bass
Peter Diephuis - Drums, Vocals
JONNY CARTONG was formed 1979 in Älvdalen. The name was taken after a slang term among raggarna (the hooligans) of Dalarna, "Jonny Cartong " meant that it was rush at party. In 1980 the band went to the finals in Vecko-Revyns talent contest in a competition with 420 bands from all over Sweden. In the finals, they finished at sixth place.

In January -81 Jonny Cartong went to Mora Träsks studio in Gävle. After 29 hours was "Give the Iron " recorded, mixed and ready. The record became a local success with songs like "Pripps Blå", "Freda Igen" and the mysterious "Ukin Dug Sigel Auto Blåst" (an early rap on Älvdalska with the band's chauffeur behind the mic). The album received good reviews in the papers. "Sensationell Bonnrock" was the headline Mats Olsson at Expressen used. "Jonny Cartong released one of the year's best LP's" wrote Falu-Kuriren.

In 1982 Jonny Cartong recorded their second album "Äh, Vi Spelar Ju Rock". It also received good reviews . "Stra
nge and wonderful " was the title of the review by Mats Bråstedt at Expressen . "Jonny Cartong rattles off a rock that smells like beer and vomit more than perfume and soap".
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