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JAR (Swe)

JAR (Swe)
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AOR / Melodic Hard Rock
Sweden (


Early 90's - XXXX
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Reine "Ray Alex" Alexandersson - Vocals (Neptune, Glory, West End, Warreins, Mark Tysper)
Anders "Andy" Olsson - Guitar (Neptune, Excetra, Unicorn, In Time)
L.E. Ericsson - Guitar
Jan "Tosh Ason" Andersson - Bass (Neptune, Line Out, Unicorn, In Time, Jam Planet)
Official Bio: Sometime back in the beginning of the 90´s, three guys had an idea of a music project. Two of the members, Jan and Anders had at that time an own recording studio. They started to record material to In truth we trust immediately and soon was Ray in the project JAR was born. But since the writing and recording of In truth we trust progressed over three years it was sometime painful because of the lack of time. One of the reasons that it took so long time was that they only could use the studio when it not was occupied (late evenings and nights).

At the end of the recording a fourth member, Le Ericsson joined the band as a stunt guitarist. After In truth we trust they had a very long vacation (5 years:-). In the middle of 2000 they decided to upload some material at And after only a couple of days they received a lot of fan mails and interest for the band. So they decided to put together the band again. They are working somewhat different today then they did when they recorded In truth we trust. All new songs are written and recorded at home, then they send the material to each other via internet for re-recording of new instruments and vocals. It is a more creative laid back way of working and give them more time to do it as good as they can, they say.In truth we trust was also released as an US remix in San Diego USA., and it is that material you now can listen to at

Most of the material on In truth we trust was recorded on tape but since this project has been going on over a couple of years, some equipment where changed. At the end of the recording, most of the recording stuff where digital workstations, computers and a couple of hard drives. On the bonus track "Dreams" Mike Andersson plays keyboards.
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