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Karlstad Korv (Swe)

Karlstad Korv (Swe)
Band Info
Hard / Heavy / Progressive Rock
Sweden (

Jakobsberg, Stockholm

Lars "Lasse" Malmberg - Vocals, Guitar (Maeday, Balticum, Rockton)
Pelle Jutehed - Guitar (Viggen & The Jumbojets)
Pär "Bassen" Svensson - Bass
Tomas Mattsson - Drums (Wet n Wild, Princess Pang)
Rolf "Rolph" Ericson - Guest Strings (Maeday, Hydra, Lex Veneris, Split Sex, Exil, Viggen & The Jumbojets)
Former / Past Members
Mårten Jansson (Brun Band, Mårten Jansson & Palatsorkestern)
Karlstad Korv was a hard/heavy rock act from Jakobsberg, Stockholm (not Karlstad, even if it's in the bandname). The early line-up featured Mårten Jansson (later in Brun Band and Palatsorkestern). Karlstad Korv's one and only single 'Hutter-Hutter/Jag Vet Ett Ställe' was the debut for Rolph Ericson in the studio (who have a guest appearance on "Hutter-Hutter"). Pelle Jutehed later joined Viggen & The Jumbojets but sadly had to quit due to nickel allergy. He was replaced with Rolph Ericson (Maeday, Hydra, Lex Veneris etc).
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Thanks to Rolph Ericson for the help with info!
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