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Kremlin's Inn (Swe) - Tunnel of Love

The blind man by my side has taken out his eyes and rubs them ghently on his sleeves
The businessman's busy reading stockmarket news
Reads 'em upside down and cries when he leaves the latin kids in satin
Between wagons they ride, spraying dragons with some lifted red paiunt
While somebody throws up his breakfast martinis
The olives hit the seat and my feet get stained
I just watch and I let it pass maybe subway life is mnuch too fast

In the tunnel of love
The subway
In the tunnel of love
In some way a cheap adventure in our century
In the tunnel of love
Like some say

A new subculture or a forgery
The italianb stallion  
Like a hunch-back of Bronx can't afford to go limo no more
He cuts in the seat
Why Sasha Brigitte allowances will
Make a man poor
THe parabolic girl with the square-eyed look
Got an arial attached to her heart
The indian driver speas in tongues when  he brakes
Some get on some get by
Some get off when we start
I just watch...

Subway bloody subway
Subway bloody subway
Just another hole
Whole lotta love
In the tunnel of
Love the subway...
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