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Kyrkstöt (Swe)

Kyrkstöt (Swe)
Band Info
Christian Rock / Hard Rock
Sweden (


1976 - 1983
Hans Isaksson - Vocals
Göran Karlsson - Guitar, Vocals
Håkan Nordell - Guitar
Peter Årnes - Bass
Mats "Matz" Mjörnheim - Drums (Vatten, Sidewalk, Salt, Confession)
Thomas Rydfeldt - Piano
Former / Past Members
Ken Wennerholm (Sidewalk)
Inga-Lill Nyström
Christian rock from Gothenburg, Sweden. Also had the songs "Hårda Krav" and "Deus Ex Machina" featured on the 'Rockplock (1980)' compilation. Mats Mjörnheim have played with the blues/rock group VATTEN and pop group SIDEWALK. Thomas Rydfeld are today a piano lecturer, an article can be found at
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1980 Rockplock
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