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- Demos
- I Love You, Demo 1987 ("I Love You", "Got To Rock You")
- Shit Happens, Compilation 1998

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King Size (Swe)

King Size (Swe)
Band Info
Glam / Hard Rock / AOR
Sweden (

Forsbacka, Gävle

1985 - 1991
Official Website
Chrille "C. Garrett" Pettersson - Vocals (Dark Horse)

Niclas "Flobbe / Gee Tarz" Flodberg - Guitar (Dusty Brains, Bad Mode)

Lars "Larsy/Mr.Bates" Sundberg - Bass (Dark Horse, Bizex-B, Maryslim, Bad Mode, Midlife Crisis)

Ulrik "Urrke/Wiz Key" Thunman - Drums, Bass (Turning Point, Dusty Brains, Bizex-B, Maryslim, The Numbskulls, Sex Pilsners, Urp, Fosge)
Former / Past Members
Tomas "Musse/Mike Uum" Musial - Guitar (Marcus Brutus Band, Dusty Brains)
King Size was a Rock 'n' roll band in the Gävle area in the mid 80:s. The band started up in 1985 by the singer Chrille and bassplayer Lars. They had recently ended the band Dark Horse and was looking for a glam band. They coldn't find any, and decided to start one of their own. Another guy, Urrke T phoned and asked about the band, and a drummer was in! How to find a guitarrist then? Well, I know one, said Urrke, and Flobbe was in too. Shortly after, one more guitarrist was added to the band, Tomas "Musse" Musial. One single was recorded whit this band; 'I Love London / Nightlife Living'. Musse left the band in 1987 somtime, and the other guy´s rocked on. In the end of 1987, our next singel was recorded; 'I Love You / No No No'

During the next few years, King Size recorded more than one cassette single, some good and some not that good. Today, it´s not easy to get a hold of a copy of the singles nor the cassettes. The band stood up for Rock ´N`roll until january 1991, when we left the stages in Sweden for good. But... Re-Union gig in 1993 at "Club Electric"!!! Big Success! 100:s of fans showed up!. Re-Union gig again in 1998, with Heavy Metal friends Wang Dang! This time we made a compilation CD to celibrate the occasion; 1998: Shit Happens CD Compilation - KS 005 19 tracks from the past. Demos, singles, Studio Out takes and worse... And finally, at christmas time 2005, King Size did a short (5 tracks) gig at "Club Monster" in Gävle!
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