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Kuddkrig (Swe)

Kuddkrig (Swe)
Band Info
Punk / Rock
Sweden (


1981 - 1984
Göran Vallinder - Vocals, Guitar (Skäms, Rukers, Prins Philips Cellstoff)
Ulf Hedlund - Bass (Skäms, Arabens Anus, Gettots Barn, Los Pasqualitos, Louis Armstrong Big Band, Dirty Rats, The Bastards)
Bo Pettersson - Drums
Former / Past Members
Mikael Böhm - Guitar, ex-Drums
Mikael Wannestam - Drums (Los Pasqualitos)
Ingela - ?
Plutten - ?
KUDDKRIG was formed spring 1981 in Kristinehamn, Sweden. The first line-up consisted of Göran, Ulf, "Plutten", and Ingela. Ulf left KUDDKRIG to join ARABENS ANUS and Göran shortly afterwards formed RUKERS. However they didn't last long in those bands and soon started to play as KUDDKRIG again with the new drummer Bosse Pettersson.

A 7" EP was released in 1981 (fun fact: it can be seen in the movie 'Tjenare Kungen'). Some songs was also recorded for the compilations 'The End Vol.1 - Kristinehamn Punk (198X), 'Picassos Barn (1982)' and 'Motala Vindar (1981)'.
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