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Life Line (Swe)

Life Line (Swe)
Band Info
Melodic / Hard Rock / AOR
Sweden (


Stig Gunnarsson - Vocals (Dreamhunter)
Olle Zimmerman - Guitar, Vocals (Gain, Dreamhunter, Vibe)
Peter Otterborg - Bass (Dreamhunter)
Per "Percy/Perry" Karlsson - Drums (Gain, Carryon?, Dreamhunter, Vibe)
Johan Lindström - Keyboards (Rio, Avenue, Motherlode, Slyside (guest), Tonbruket)
Former / Past Members
Ulrica Carnell - Vocals, Keyboard (De´Funkar, Joybells, One Voice, Du Kan Sjunga Gospel, Sarek (choir))
Lena Johansson - Vocals, Keyboard
Mats Lindström - Guitar
Jan "Janne" Hedström - Bass (Big Deal)
Info from Janne Stark's Encyclopedia
This band have made tons of great demos but their only releases are two singles and the 4-track CD 'Anyway You Want It', which is a hard-rocking AOR platter well worth investing in. Great vocals, songs and musicians. The first single was produced by Tommy Nilsson (Easy Action) and with the right backing it could have been a great hit. The band actually recorded three songs for the compilation 'Alsterett (Aktiv Ungdom)' already in 1978, then under the name Gain. On the first 7" the line-up featured Olle, Perry, Lena Johansson (v/k), Janne Hedström (b), Mats Lindström (g), and on the second Ulrica Carnell (k/v) joined. In 1994 Life Line received great interest from a Japanese label. Everything was set and ready... until the record company found out the members had just passed 30. Too old to rock 'n roll, they thought, and told them - no thanks. Per and Olle were later working as a duo under the name Vibe and the music became a bit more pop-oriented. In 2000 the Life Line returned with almost the same line-up, except Lindström had been replaced by Thomas Lassar. They took the name Dreamhunter, and recorded new albums.
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