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Missing in Discography
- Demo for unreleased 2nd album, 1985/86 ("The Arena", "Back In The Streets", "R'nR Gonna Save Your Soul", "Stolen Money",  etc)

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Lynx (Swe)

Lynx (Swe)
Band Info
Melodic / Heavy Metal
Sweden (


December 1984 - ca 1986
Official Website
Mats "Arnold" Eriksson / Feretti - Vocals (Pegasus, Daggmar Luring)
Per "Fjuttis" Larsson - Guitar (Pegasus, Daggmar Luring, Gå å Bada, Slapstick, Kent Österskogs)
Kauno Vattovaara - Bass (Pegasus)
Carl Moser - Drums (Dunder)
Mats "Herman" Hermansson - Keyboards (Pegasus, Daggmar Luring)
Formed March 14, 1976 as PEGASUS by Mats Eriksson (Vocals), Mats "Herman" Hermansson (Organ), Jan Elvi (Guitar), Pal Johnsson (Bass) and Tommy Karlsson (Drums). Janne left the band in 1977 and was replaced with Per Larsson on guitar. PEGASUS disbanded later that year but would reform in 1981 with the new bassist Kauno Vattovaara. They played some locals gigs and also recorded some material in Oxelösund for Radio Sörmland.

Tommy Karlsson left the band in 1983 and was replaced with Johan Skagerlind on drums. More local gigs would follow before PEGASUS got a contract with the Stockholm label Mill Records in 1984. Johan had left the band at this point and been replaced with the DUNDER drummer Carl Moser from Kungsrör. Per Larsson called the patent office to sign their name, but since a band already was registered as PEGASUS they had to change it to LYNX.

Their debut LP 'Caught In The Trap' was released in Autumn 1985 and about a 6 months later the group started to record material for their second album. That album was never to be since the band dissolved shortly after the initial recordings where made. However the band are working on restoring them, listen to the unreleased song "Back In The Streets". LYNX was also featured on the split album 'Metal Hammer From Scandinavia (1988)' together with CRYSTAL PRIDE, LAZY and SHERE KHAN.

Biography (from CD reissue booklet)
Once upon a time, many many years ago, two young men went to Gothenburg in Sweden to see a little old band called Deep Purple. On their way home they decided to form a band. On the train, they met and promptly recruited a drummer, and when coming home, one of the young men went out to buy a hammond organ, and the other one picked up the microphone. The two young concert goers where Mats Hermansson and Mats Feretti (then Eriksson). The drummer they met was Tommy Karlsson and a few days later a bass player (Pal JOhansson) and a guitar play (Jan Elvi) were in the nely formed band, that was named Pegasus.

About a year later, Jan Elvi left the band and was repleced by Per Larsson. Pegasus split up in the winter of 1977, but Per Larsson, Mats Hermansson and Mats Eriksson went on to play together in other formations. However, the mindset behind the hard-rocking Pegasus was never completly abandoned!.

In 1981 they decided to bring Pegasus back together again, and now with a new bass played, Kuano Vaatovaara and a few years down the road, Tommy Karlsson was replaced with drummer Johan Skagerlind.

In 1985 the band landed a record deal. As fate would have it, Johan Skagerlind decided to leave the band one month before the recording started. Trying on a bunch of drummers they ended up with Carl Moser who learned the songs in about two weeks and in the studio they went. The album 'Caught In The Trap"' was recorded and released this year. Due to a name conflict with another gorup called Pegasus, the name was changed to Lynx. Lynx played on for about a year after the album release but finally broke up. Now, 100.000 years later, there actually are new material written by Mats Feretti and Per Larsson, and discussions are behind held on what the future will bring!. - Per Larsson (September 2014)
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+1 # MatsF 2014-11-03 12:08

The album is re-released on No Remorse Records this autumn with 3 more songs.
One live recording from 82 and two demo-recordings from -83/84

After the release of the LP "Caught In The Trap" we recorded 4 song but we never got the chance to make this second album
but you can find one of these on YouTube:
There's also another version of "Final Race" - "Race to Hell":

We are now, after 29 years, writing new songs together and maybe there will be a new record next year (2015)
both with the old recorings and some new songs!

Mats Feretti (Eriksson) - Vocals / Lynx
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+1 # Mats Feretti 2016-11-22 14:00 Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
# FWOSHM 2016-11-22 16:11
Uppdaterat! kul att ni är igång igen! :)
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