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Demo #4 – April 1987
Demo #5 – 1989

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Landslide (Swe)

Band Info
Heavy Metal (early) / Melodic Metal / AOR (later)
Sweden (


1983 - 1989 (changed name)
Eddie "Billy Hayse" Sandh - Vocals
Jörgen "John London" Lantto - Guitar, Vocals (Black Cat Moan)
Ralf "Hans Ludwig" Thornberg - Solo Guitar (Black Cat Moan, Neptune)
Göran "Jim Deloach" Hult - Bass (Trix)
Bo "StMark" Åström - Drums (Black Cat Moan, Sergeant, Boogietryck, Quadro, Grinder, BB Band)
Former / Past Members
Lars Hägglund - Vocals, Keyboard (Sergeant, Boogietryck, Quadro, BB Band)
Lars "Lasse" Axelsson - Vocals (Black Cat Moan, Ariel, Red Baron, ESP?, Yngwie Malmsteen's Rising Force?)
Anders Franzen - Guitar
Swedish Heavy Metal band formed by Jörgen Lantto and Bosse Åström in fall of 1983, they was later joined by guitarist Hand Ludwig and vocalist Lasse Axelsson (according to sources the band had more than 5 different singers through their active years). Ralf Thornberg joined the band on second guitar in fall of 1986, and in Spring of 1987 their singer was replaced by Eddie Sandh, who would debut on Demo #4.

They released many demo tapes and the song "Walking on the Edge" from their 1989 tape was featured on the 'Rockbox (1989)' compilation. LANDSLIDE changed their name to BLACK CAT MOAN in spring/summer 1989 and released a single and album in 1991 under this name. It featured a re-recording of the LANDSLIDE demo song "Good Girl Gone Bad".
V/A Compilations
1989 Rockbox
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