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Love Injection (Swe)

Love Injection (Swe)
Band Info
Female Fronted / Hard Rock
Sweden (


Helen Polstam - Vocals
Seppo Toivanen - Guitar, Piano, Harmonica (The Farbrothers, Two)
Thomas "Skinkopf" Johansson - Bass (Arabens Anus, SEG)
Stefan "Pyri" Tyresten - Drums (Motor City Madhouse, Avskum, Dead Corruption, Adrian Cuba)
Female fronted hard rock act featuring the punksters Thomas "Skinkopf" Johansson (ARABENS ANUS) and Stefan "Pyri" Tyresten (AVSKUM, DEAD CORRUPTION etc). Pyri have also played in MOTOR CITY MADHOUSE together with his cousin Håkan (ex-SLASKFITTORNA, AVSKUM among others).

Seppo Toivanen performs at weddings (article) and are also active in the band TWO.
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