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Lexxen (Swe)

Lexxen (Swe)
Band Info
Heavy / Power / Speed Metal
Sweden (


Official Website
Stellan Henborn - Vocals (Hasty Haze)
Jörgen Bergdahl - Guitars (Hasty Haze)
Peter "Pat Rixx" Nilsson - Bass (Hanomy, Pedanian)
Joakim "Jocke" Sjöbeck - Drums (Kissing Miss Lizzy (Nor))
Former / Past Members
Dag "Darryl Knight" Andersson - Vocals (Pedanian)
Anders "Andy" Apell - Guitar
Zerny - Guitar
Official Bio
Back in the eighties, when metal music was at it's best, a swedish metal band called LEXXEN, was seen touring Sweden, giving concerts at smaller places and local clubs. In 1995 the band reached it's top when the band were offered to sign a conctract which consisted in recording an album in a studio located in Germany, namely Delta Studios, located outside Hamburg.

After have completed a pre-recording the band went back to Sweden to study and sign the contract. To circumstances not stated here the band decided not to sign the contract. A few months later the band splitted up for good. Still, the main figure of the band, bassist Pat continued to compose music with former singer Darryl Knight and as of today, they are now PEDANIAN.
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