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Lexxen (Swe) - Remember

She always get what she wants -
cause nothing stood in her way -
on the edge of no turning back -
she always took the easy way out -
her cold decisions left them in the dark -
with bleeding hearts and falling tears -
she acts so innocent -
her beauty puts a spell on you -
tricks of seduction -
she's always known the right moves -
tonight I'm the chosen one
but she doesnt know she never can have me

She will remember the night when I left her -
just as she's left them before

I still remember the sorrow in her eyes
when I left her crying
The years of youth made him realize -
things aren't always what they seem to be -
give and take are the rules of love -
says who, says who? No woman has earned the right -
to challenge my piece of mind -
tonight I'm the chosen one but the time has come to say goodbye
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