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Lexxen (Swe) - On and On

Here they lie -
theyre the soldiers of fortune -
casualties of the war in Vietnam -
they all fought for the glory of the their country -
patriots and a pride to America-
just a few returned from the battles -
liberty to a military man -
now today they are gathered to salute them -
they parade on the citystreets

Memorial Day - it brings tears of sadness
Memorial Day - it brings thoughts of madness
On and on (theyll keep on marching)
On and on til the day turns to night

Every day they were facing the horror -
enemies that had no remorse -
every night they tried to run for cover -
but there wasent any place to hide

They were the soldiers of fortune
They were the pride of this nation
On and on...

The pain's gone they are resting in fortune -
justice was given to the honourable men -
Rest in piece echoes on the streets -
as theyve been put to their final sleep...
Memorial Day...
On and on
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