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Lexxen (Swe) - Virgin Marion

Cold sister Marion walks straight through the hall -
her eyes are focussed on the Holy Cross -
lost trapped in confusion she must
confess her sins or therell be no way out-
speaks from her wisdom what a fool she has been -
how could she ever believe his words

Oh mighty father I've betrayed our church -
I must proclaim my faith in God -
Oh sweet child of mine tell me about your sins -
and let me be your autocratic judge

Twentyseven nights ago I had intercourse with a man -
and I don't know where he came from -
he had the face of an angel -
his eyes made my mind fade to black

Virgin Marion, Virgin Marion, voices that's speaking
'bleed for me, bleed for me dear Marion'
Ive committed a crime and Ive broken all our rules -
for those sins I have to resign -
Now sister Marion listen to what I say -
Satan has the tool to fool anyone `
Twentyseven nights ago...
Virgin Marion...
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