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- Abyss of Despair, Demo
- Moonshine, CD Demo

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Lucy (Swe)

Lucy (Swe)
Band Info
Melodic / Heavy / Progressive / Power Metal
Sweden (


Late 80's - 2006
Torbjörn Enberg - Vocals
Johan Jansson  - Guitars (Frenzy, Act of Metal)
Johnny Pettersson - Guitar
Mikael Brunzell - Bass
Fredrik Frykman - Drums (Sabbtail, FleaBox, Alice Troopers, Per Öhman)
Former / Past Members
Patrik Hjalmarsson - Vocals (Straight Flush)
Antti Mäkinen - Vocals, Keyboards
Tony Isaksson - Guitars
Marcus Calmborg - Bass
Thomas Persson - Bass
Formed in the late 80's after Johan Jansson had left FRENZY (recorded a 7", 'Point Of No Return' in 1987). In the winter of 1989 LUCY headed into the Nova Studio to cut the single 'You're Gone / Unfaithful', it was released the following year in a very limited edition with 3 slightly different covers made on their own to save money. It was followed up with the demo 'Crawl To The Cross' and the MCD 'Fear', both released in 1993. The songs "Crawl To The Cross" and "Wake Up You're Dead" was featured on the 'Zalt' compilation. They also had "Abyss of Despair" included on the compilation 'Jukebox Collection - 15 Värmländska Band (1995)'. LUCY cut some more demos after this; 'Ashes To Ashes', 'Demo '98', 'Abyss of Despair' as well as the demo CD 'Moonishine' with tracks that later would appear on their 1999 album 'Fruits From A Poisoned Tree'. Their last demo was recorded in 2002 and simply just called 'Demo 2002', it was a cover demo and the last thing the band ever recorded. LUCY was put on ice in 2006. Johan Jansson later recorded a 3-track demo with the Degerfors band ACT OF METAL. Frykman appeared in SABBTAIL and in the ALICE COOPER cover band ALICE TROOPERS. Trivia: Johan Jansson was IMPALE's guitar teacher .
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