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- V/A - 1 Timme Eksjö-Pop, MC 19xx ("Prophets", "Die In Your Sleep", "Going Around", "I´m Storming Sea", "Long Ago", "Morbid Vals" "Sleeping Messiah")

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Magnus Åhlin (Swe)

Magnus Åhlin (Swe)
Band Info
Melodic / Progressive / Rock / Hard Rock
Sweden (


Carl Magnus Utsi-Åhlin  - Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Keys (Mogens Klyvare Hose-Band MKHB, Gino Renebrant, Urban Mögel Och Hans Vänner, Andy O´Leany´s, Appetite, Electricute, Galt, Hellfuckers, Holy Rolex, Järn-Henrik, Kamikazee, Krusagårdens Musikkår, Monosapiens, Nöjesmaffian, Oh Yeah, Pastor Jacksson, Penny Toys, Randy Suzy, Skräckmasters, Spik-Johannes, Suicide, Sustain Sisters, Svarta Maja, Svenskt Kött, Svensson, Sweethearts, The Lunch, Tisse Tandkött, Tres Hombres)

Session Musicians
Ulric Utsi-Åhlin - Bass, Backing Vocals (Snoggel, Gino Renebrant, Urban Mögel och Hans Vänner, Appetite, Ankeborgs Brassband, Country Connection Band, Earl and Dallas, Gino och Ulric, Gino Renebrant med Duo, Kapten Blånäsa, Nöjesmaffian, Oh Yeah, På Mé Fritt, Penny Toys, Projekt Mutant, Sustain Sisters, The Lunch, Tisse Tandkötts Qvintet, Von Of Sir, Big Puzzel, Luffarna, So What, Stillwater, Sweethearts, The Sound of Innocence Crashing)

Gino Renebrant - Drums (Pax Romana, Urban Mögel Och Hans Vänner, Persons Band, Gino Renebrant, Gino och Ulric,  Gino Renebrant med Duo, Appetite, Kapten Blånäsa, Kungens Män, Penny Toys, Pink Freüd, Svarta Maja, Sweethearts, The Sound of Innocence Crashing)

Marie Stark - Backing Vocals (X-Sem)

Peter Ekdahl - Tambourine (Snoggel, Mogens Klyvare Hose-Band MKHB, Angelita & The Frogs, Fesk, Galt, Kapten Blånäsa, Now and Zen, Svensson, Angelita & The Frogs, Big Puzzel, BootCamp LickTers, Borgmaestar Munthe, Efter 22, Entropi Flow, Hammock Safari, Hanna & Peter Ekdahl, Oaklake Space Collective, Pero Franjo Project, Peter Ekdahl och Josef Johansson, Pink Freüd, Pistoler & Violer, The Bastard Frog Alliance, The Holy Frog Alliance)
Hard prog solo project by Magnus Åhlin with help from his brother Ulric Åhlin, Gino Renebrant, Peter Ekdahl and Marie Stark (musicians of bands like Snoggel, Pax Romana, Mogens Klyvare, Gino Renebrant, Urban Mögel, X-Sem etc). Magnus recorded two singles and also had 7 songs on the cassette compilation '1 Timme Eksö-Pop' ("Prophets", "Die In Your Sleep", "Going Around", "I´m Storming Sea", "Long Ago", "Morbid Vals" "Sleeping Messiah"). Other bands featured on the compilation was Järn-Henrik, Göran Sommansson, Embroynic Death and Emphasize.
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