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Melissa (Swe / Vittsjö)

Melissa (Swe / Vittsjö)
Band Info
Hardcore / Death / Thrash Metal
Sweden (

Markaryd, Vittsjö

1985 - 199X
Patrik "Paranoya" - Vocals, Guitar, Bass (Filthy Dreams)
Stezzo - Guitar
Tobias "Tobbe Schizo/Toby" R. - Drums, Vocals (Filthy Dreams)
Former / Past Members
Stefan "Necro" - Vocals, Bass
Hampus? "Trauma" - Bass
Not to be confused with Melissa (Mölnlycke).

Info from Janne Stark's Encyclopedia
Melissa were formed in Markaryd in 1985, named after a Mercyful Fate song. Initially playing in a more hardcore style. Recorded their first demo in 1986. Schizo initially handled the vocals. In 1987 bassist Paranoya joined. He later switched to guitar. The band also made a demo, entitled 'Garage Demo', in 1988, where the members were named Stefan (v/b), Patrik S (g), Tobbe R (d) and another one, 'Welcome', in 1989, before recording the single. On the single Trauma handled the bass. The band actually recorded an album, entitled 'To Be Born In The Gutter', but the studio messed up the tapes up, ruining four songs, and it was never released. For the last two gigs the band changed its name to Decubitus.
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