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Mr Weed (Swe)

Mr Weed (Swe)
Band Info
Progg / Rock
Sweden (


Bernt Johansson - Vocals (Ewert Ljusberg, Skottes Musikorkester)
Per Norman - Guitar
Jan Holmberg - Guitar, Bass (Polarna, Teaterbandet?)
Nicklas Thalen - Bass (Endless Day)
Bengt Ahlberg - Drums
Lars Pollack - Keyboards (Baltimoore, Brazen Abbot, Glenn Hughes, Mine)
Former / Past Members
Torbjörn Allard
Janne Åström - Vocals (Universe, Endless Day, 2001, High Preassure, Hot Soup, Now, No Way, Rubber Duck, True Cosmic Trampoline, Lobotomax)
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