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Much Ado About Nothing (Swe)

Much Ado About Nothing
Band Info
Female Fronted / Rock
Sweden (


1988 - 1989
Janet Ericsson - Vocals (7 Magnecyl Dan Efter, Äbba-Stinas Hobbyband)
Gertie Ericsson - Guitar (Fifi Again, 7 Magnecyl Dan Efter, Äbba-Stinas Hobbyband)
Helen Vietor - Guitar (7 Magnecyl Dan Efter, Äbba-Stinas Hobbyband)
Teri Schamp - Bass (Fifi Again, 7 Magnecyl Dan Efter)
Annika Wilkingsson - Drums (7 Magnecyl Dan Efter)
Former / Past Members
Lena Ohlsson - Drums (7 Magnecyl Dan Efter)
Female fronted rock band formed 1988 by members of 7 Magnecyl Dan Efter. The band played covers but also made their own material. They did some live gigs at places like; Musikforums Våroffer, 1988 and Östersjöfestivalen.
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