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Mystik (Swe) - Mystik

We come with weapons held high
In the darkness you will never see the light
Swords, blades and fire
We are the knights and we can feel your fright
Open your eyes and seek
Call out for Mystik

Worship, taking their souls
Writing the tales
Remember our name
We're warriors from hell
Are we myth or history we're here to tell

Rituals all in our name
The armies of hell are entering the gates
As darkness is falling
Commanders of legion we're leading their way

Call prince of darkness in the night
At sundown we shall defy
Slay, lynch and conquer
Yield or unite
We've got you in our sight
Open your eyes and seek
Cry out for Mystik

We trust in the power of darkness and vengeance
We feed on mercy
Bleed for us, kneel for us
We're in-destructive
Surge, obscurity

Malignant spirits
Remain to masticate
Ruthless, tyrannical
Troopers of Hades
They will them the bodies of the lost souls

- Solo -

Forever strong, almighty and tall
Whoever knows, will fight for them all
Together we stand
We will protect
Raise our fists and align
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