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Meadow (Swe)

Meadow (Swe)
Band Info
Melodic Hard Rock / AOR
Sweden (

Målilla, Hultsfred


Anders Einarsson - Vocals
Ted Larsson - Guitar (N.J.B.)
Peter Johansson - Bass
Lars "Lasse" Kitch - Drums
Glenn Larsson - Keyboards (N.J.B.)

Former / Past Members
Johan Nyström - Guitar (Blacksmith)
Peter "P-Son" Andersson - Guitar (N.J.B., Night Jamming Band)
Hans "Hasse" Johansson - Drums
Released two singles in the mid/late 80's, a third single was also recorded entitled 'Unstable' but it was only released in 3-4 test press copies. The brothers Ted and Glenn Larsson would later play with N.J.B.
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