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Mindless Sinner (Swe) - Key of Fortune

A new day is rising to a world with silence
Destruction, someone had treated it with violence
Over the horizon is a black rainbow
The angels song is forever gone for me

The earth is scared for the evil face
There's no escape for the human race
Escape for the human race!

Satan, those who believe in you are fools
They don't even know what they talk about
The country is burning, the world is in flames
But it's not our fault, it's them who are playing their games

Children you've been killed for nothing
But listen, we all gonna find the key of fortune
We find the key of fortune!

But I have dreams, I live in hope
And I think you do that alright (it's up to you)
Fight for love and fight against hate
Don't care if they say it's our fate
Don't care if they say it's our fate!

Music: Danneblad/Gransson
Lyrics Danneblad
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