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- Maninnya "Fu*kin´" Blade, Demo 1984
- Metal Warrants, Demo 1985

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Maninnya Blade (Swe)

Maninnya Blade (Swe)
Band Info
Heavy / Speed / Thrash Metal
Sweden (

Boden, Stockholm

1980 - present
Photos / Videos
Official Website
Leif Eriksson - Vocals (Kamax, Fair Warning)
Jerry Rutström - Guitar (Diva/Deeva, Stormbringer, Slowgate)
Nicklas "Nicke / Ripper" Johansson - Guitar, Vocals (Bodens Fästning, Slowgate, Hexenhaus, Dark Legions (guest))
Jan Lindberg - Bass (Warchild, Warning, Witch, Slowgate)
Andreas Lindmark - Drums
Former / Past Members
Mikael "Mike Wead" Vikström - Guitar (Warchild, Warning, Witch, Hexenhaus, Candlemass, Kryptillusion, Hemisfear, Firegod, King Diamond, King Diamond, Mercyful Fate, Bibleblack, Abstrakt Algebra, Memento Mori, Kamlath)
Andreas "Adde / Rick Meister" Palm - Guitar (Damien, Hexenhaus)
Jan "Blomman" Blomqvist - Bass (Kamax, Fair Warning, Hexenhaus, Slowgate)
Johan Henriksson - Drums (Warning, Warchild, Los)
Nisse Garreth Brandt - Drums
Ingemar Lundeberg - Drums
Max Piltz - Drums (Dark Legions)
Martin "E-Type" Eriksson - Drums (Hexenhaus, MC Werewolf, Jara Sahara Band, E-Type)
Boden band MANINNYA BLADE date as far back as 1980. At that early stage the band comprised of vocalist Leif Eriksson (who came up with the name and logo design), guitarist Nicklas Johansson, bassist Jan Blomqvist and drummer Ingemar Lundberg. A second guitarist, Michael Vikström (a.k.a. Mike Wead), was added to the group in order to record demo tapes, but the axe slinger chose to move to Stockholm to create the Metal leviathan CANDLEMASS. He was immediately replaced by Jerry Rutström (who had previously played with the Sollefteå/Åsmon band STORMBRINGER) before he quit and was succeeded by ex DAMIEN guitarist Andreas Palm. Leif and Jan recorded 2 songs for the 'Kommerciell Kultur (1983)' Pang compilation with their band KAMAX before the release of MANINNYA BLADES debut 7" 'The Barbarian / Ripper Attack' released 1984 on the Platina label.

In 1985 the band moved to Stockholm to live together in what became known as "Villa Maninnya" or "Hellhouse". The parties were just too much and the upper middleclass neighbours were stunned. Despite all this the band succeeded in signing a new record deal. The album "Merchants In Metal" was released in 1986. A lot of gigs across the country gave the band a reputation as Swedens heaviest thrashers. Living in the same house was unfortunately not such a good idea after all. Girlfriends and differences on the everyday level tore the members apart, and the struggle for success made the rehearsals strictly business occasions. After a dispute with the English label the deal was lost.

Lundeberg was eventually replaced by Martin "E-Type" Eriksson, until he was asked to leave and the group subsequently re-enlisted Michael Vikström and shortened their name to just MANINNYA, a demo was recorded before they changed name to HEXENHAUS in mid 1988. Under this new title (with Palm renamed 'Rick Meister') the Swedes recorded the 'Tribute To Insanity' album.

MANINNYA BLADE reformed in 1995 with Rutström, Leif Eriksson, Blomqvist and drummer Johan Eriksson, although Leif was to leave after the band cut a new demo tape in 1995. But the time wasn’t right at that time and the beast fell asleep again. Temporarily. Martin Eriksson was to later enjoy stardom as Techno artist E-TYPE on a worldwide scale in the mid 90s!

Another MANINNYA BLADE bass player Marre Martini (also known as Mårten Marteen) would journey through DAMIEN, LOST SOULS and MISERY LOVES COMPANY. MANINNYA BLADE's legacy was such that a new vinyl offering comprising 80s era demos, 'A Demonic Mistress From The Past', was issued through Stormbringer Productions.

Nicke Johansson would announce a return in early 2002 touting a brand new Thrash Metal act SLOWGATE. MANINNYA BLADE put in two reformation gigs during 2002 including a show at the '2000 Decibel' festival. The reunion line-up consisted of original members Leif Eriksson, Nicklas Johansson and Jerry Rutström together with the SLOWGATE rhythm section of bassist Jan Lindberg and drummer Kenneth Olofsson.

In late 2006 the band contracted with Japanese label Avalon Marquee Records for the double CD compilation 'Undead, Unborn, Alive', this set comprising catalogue tracks plus 2002 era live recordings and previously unreleased demos. MANINNYA BLADE was still active during 2007, the band now featuring singer Leif Eriksson, guitarists Nicke Johansson and Jerry Rutström with Jan Lindberg on bass. Max Piltz of DARK LEGIONS later joined on drums. A promo entitled 'Tools of Destruction' was released in 2008.
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