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Maninnya Blade (Swe) - Bearer Of The Ring

There’s one of a kind
for the dark to ever last
The fate of the blind
In the shadows of the past

To walk away, invisible to eye - O, precious
This fear, this pain in the twilight

Forever under my wing - Bearer of the ring
You’ll never be king - Bearer of the ring

There’s one of a kind
Face the master and the reign
Possessor of minds
and the towers will remain

So fade to black, darkness will devour - O, precious
No need to run, to come home no more

- To the land of Mordor where the shadows lie -

There’s one of a kind
Never made for mortal man
Tonight ride the nine
The clouds are gathering again

Before goodbye, my pleasure is the pain - O, precious
When love is death and death is my name
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