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Maninnya Blade (Swe) - The Raven (Unreleased)

Little Ann is not an angel
She is dancing in the sun
Empty eyes showing the stranger
And the voyage has begun

Theres a truth and the dream is the answer
She can hear the call

And the lady is spreading her wings
She cant come home no more

The ravens are singing tonight
For the long awaited friend
And when all are the same
There is no reason to cry

Little Ann is not an angel
She is drawn towards the trees
To the secrets of the amber
The things her eyes can see

Theres a sign and she knows it is easy
Shes passing through the wall

Youve got to listen
To your nightmares tonight
Calling all the while
A dance to the evil
You give it all a smile
The raven

You want to enter
The end of your life
Pray to stop your breath

The passion for darkness
The sweet caress of death
The raven

By the cold morning light
Theres a baby thats crying
But nothing there is to find
She opens her eyes
The virgin is dying
The raven is born in her mind
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