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- 4tr Demo, 1984

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Mentzer (Swe)

Mentzer (Swe)
Band Info
Heavy Metal
Sweden (


1983 - XXXX
Official Website
Christer "Chris" Mentzer - Vocals (Silver Mountain, Pyramid, Norden Light, Nemo, Expressen, Valfritt, Imperium, The Great Family Orchestra, The Handleaders, V-Kom)

Johan Herlogsson - Guitars (
Norden Light, Backstreet)

Johan Strömberg - Bass (Biscaya, Hawk,

Michael Von Knorring - Drums (
Norden Light, Engeln, Yngwie J. Malmsteen, Nemo, Public, Edge of Time)
Former / Past Members
Magnus Rosén - Guitar/Bass? (Shame, Von Rosen, Hammerfall, Keegan, Jorn, Planet Alliance, Tony Martin, Arise, X-World/5, Revolution Renaissance, Fullforce, Kung Sune, Billionaires Boys Club, Magnus Rosén Band, Northern Light, Chris Mentzer Group, The Stuart Smith's Midnight, Bo Winberg and the Spotnics)

Martin Hedström - Guitars (
Biscaya, Pagan)

Björn "Nalle" Oscarsson - Bass (
Norden Light, Blue Balls)

Mats Olausson - Keyboards (
Silver Mountain, Biscaya, Lion's Share, Destiny, Glory, Camera, Nadir, Von Rosen (guest), Tommy Tysper and the Kids (guest), Yngwie J. Malmsteen, Nemo, Iron Mask, Ark, MVP, Evil Masquerade, Stygia, Kamelot, Baltimoore, Tykoon, Eclipse, Bam Bam Boys, The Reign of Terror)
Members on Photo (1983): Mats Olausson, Michael von Knorring, Christer Mentzer, Johan Strömberg, Martin Hedström.

Formed by Christer Mentzer, Johan Herlogsson, Johan Strömberg, Michael Von Knorring and Mats Olausson in 1984. They recorded a demo and contributed with 2 tracks on the 1984 compilation album 'Scandinavian Metal Attack II'. Mats couldn't attend at this session as he was working with Mikael Rickfors and Ulf Lundell during this period. Christer Mentzer later joined SILVER MOUNTAIN to record their 'Universe' album and undertake a tour of Japan before leaving to form NORDEN LIGHT together with former MENTZER members.
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