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Missing in Discography
- 2tr Rockslaget, Demo 1981
- 4tr Demo, 1983
- 2tr Demo, 1986 (w/Messiah Marcolin)
- 4tr Demo, 1986
- 7tr Rough Mix Demo for "King Doom", 1988
- 5tr Demo, 1988
- 12tr Underworld, Demo 2003
- Mercy, Album 1984
- Witc

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Mercy (Swe)

Mercy (Swe)
Band Info
Heavy / Doom Metal
Sweden (


December 1980 - XXXX
Photos / Videos
Anders "String" Strengberg - Vocals (Sacrifice, Metal Muthaz, Crier, Sound Express?)

Andrija "Andree Witchking/Yandriya Weechking" Veljaca - Vocals, Guitars (Turbo, Horoscope, Horizont) R.I.P. 2005

Roger Johansson - Guitars, Bass (Faith, Stormbringer, Bactrac, Blackmail, Beerdrinkers, Bubblor I Näsan, Thin Lipztick)

Johan Norell  - Drums
Former / Past Members
Eddie "Messiah Marcolin" Markulin - Vocals, Drums (Sounds, Candlemass, Colossus, Memento Mori, Requiem, Stillborn, Rough Lizzards, Portrait (live), Therion (live), Amon Amarth (guest), Destruction (guest), Satariel (guest), Therion (guest)

Rickard "Rille/Rick Wine" Larsson - Vocals (Sacrifice, Crier, Sanzia, Supreme Majesty, Magica, In Black)

Ulf Johansson - Vocals

Paul "G. Judas" Gustavsson - Vocals, Drums (Turbo, High Voltage, Overheat)

Ola Persson (now Calle Engelmarc) - Vocals, Guitar (Turbo, TNT, Flash, Feral Ghost, Beta Male Hearts)

Jonny "Mellis" Reinholm - Guitar (Shock Tilt, Wisdom, Jay and Jay, Thore Skogman, Highlights, The Stuff)

Magnus Klintö - Guitars

Ulf "Uffe" Cronell - Bass

Jörgen Horst - Guitars, Bass

Tom Mitchell  -  Bass

Göran Rabar -  Bass

Christian "Christian C. Greenfood" Karlsson - Bass (Turbo, Ocean, Wizards Of Ugly Things, Jumpin Jack Flash)

Peter "Trumpeter" Svensson  - Drums (Faith, Stormbringer, Globe, Overheat, Six-Pack Boogie, Locomotive Breath, Fröna, Constancia, Mountain of Power, Embrace the Sun, Trumpeter, Five 4 Fun,Troja Jazzband, The Cardigans, Paus, Thin Lipztick)

Ralph "Raideen" Rydén - Drums (Shock Tilt, Spin Air, Hexenhaus, Lizard Eye, Keegan, Keehole, Hydrogen)
Bio (from Musicmight)
Sölvesborg outfit MERCY, having evolved from Heavy Metal band TURBO, featured in their early days future CANDLEMASS vocalist Messiah Marcolin. In their relatively short history the band underwent numerous line-up shuffles. The debut album, 'Swedish Metal' in 1982, was recorded by former HOROSCOPE guitarist Andrija Veljaca (sometimes going under the name of Yandriya Veechking or 'Witchking'), bassist Christian Karlsson (adopting the bizarre anglicised Christian C. Greenfood) and drummer Paul Gustavsson (as Paul G. Judas). Original vocalist / guitarist Ola Persson, Karlsson and Gustavsson were all ex-TURBO personnel, with Veljaca having replaced former guitarist Håkan Jacobsson.

Gustafsson later joined HIGH VOLTAGE then OVERHEAT, but by the self financed 'Mercy' album only Veljaca remained alongside ex-ROUGH LIZZARDS vocalist Eddy Markulin (a.k.a. Messiah Marcolin) and guitarist Magnus Klintö. Further ructions occurred as the band effectively split but reassembled, with new bassist Jörgen Holst in tow.

The line-up changed again for 1988's 'King Of Doom' with Veljaca now teamed with vocalist Rick Wine, as Marcolin had quit to join CANDLEMASS, bassist Tom Mitchell and drummer Peter Svensson. After recording the album Svensson left for OVERHEAT and made way for new drummer Johan Norell.

This record was later re-released in Germany as 'Black Magic', formatted with different versions of songs and extra tracks. MERCY vocalist Rick Wine (under his real name of Rikard Larson) would later be found fronting MAGICA and SUPREME MAJESTY.

Sadly, Andrija Veljaca died of a cerebral haemorrage on 31st August 2005.

Peter Svensson contributed session drums on OVERDRIVE and LOCOMOTIVE BREATH guitarist Janne Stark's November 2006 MOUNTAIN OF POWER tribute collection.

Bio (from Tartarean Desire)
Mercy was one of the first heavy metal bands of Sweden and formed in December 1980 when the former Horoscope guitarist Andrija Veljaca (originally from former Yugoslavia where he played in some 70s bands) joined former members of the band Turbo. In 1981 they released their first demo and in 1982 they released the MLP "Swedish Metal" on their own (later re-released by Swedish Web Records). In 1983 a new demo was recorded with a new line-up. New line-up changes followed with the addition of future Candlemass vocalist Eddie "Messiah" Marcolin (who at this time was the drummer of a local band called Rough Lizzards).

At this time the Dutch label Roadrunner Records became interested in releasing the MLP in the Benelux countries and also signing the band for future releases. Meanwhile Swedish Web had formed the heavy metal sublable Fingerprint and Mercy decided to stay loyal to their old label and signed with Fingerprint. In 1984 their self-titled full-length album was released with songs from both their demos as well as new ones. A number of line-up changes followed once again and in 1985 their new album "Witchburner" was released. While their earlier material was similar to the heavier side of Judas Priest their new album was more in the doom metal vein, similar to the first Candlemass album. In 1986 the Fingerprint label ceased to exist. After this album the band did a tour with a brand new line-up once again.

A Dutch label approached them to record a song for a compilation album that would feature one band from most European countries and Mercy recorded a demo with the songs "Bangers Of Destruction" and "Black Death" but the album was never released and Eddie decided to leave for Stockholm and become the new Candlemass vocalist. Around this time the French label Black Dragon Records was interested in signing the band but this never happened for reasons unknown. In 1987 a German label wanted to release a new Mercy album with faster songs. The album was "Victory March" but it was never released back then. It has now been released by Stormbringer Productions.

Tired of record label problems they decided to release their next album "King Doom" on their own. In the end of the 80s they decided that it was time to lay Mercy to rest. In the 90s Andrija formed the Euro Records label and re-released the "Witchburner" album on CD. The "King Doom" album was also re-released on a German label as "Black Magic" with two bonus songs from the "Victory March" recording sessions. Andrija had plans to resurrect Mercy recently and a lot of new material has been written for a new album but I don't know what has happened with those plans.
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