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- Demo, 1984

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Mace (Swe)

Mace (Swe)
Band Info
Heavy Metal
Sweden (


198X - 1992, 2002 - present
Photos / Videos
Official Website
Jonas Jansson - Vocals
Olof Geijer - Guitar
Lars Andersson - Bass
Stefan Viktorsson - Drums
Mace was a band from Ludvika that were heavily influenced by Manowar and they even took on the Viking image the band had in the early 80s. The members sang muscle metals about warriors and Valhalla and dressed in cat skin gloves and fur underwear. Yes this really was the real deal back in the mid 80s. The band played a few gigs locally and some gigs were arranged by Hypocrisy/Pain/Abyss studios main man Peter Tagtgren when he was working with Grangardets Rock forening. Mace manage to continue up to the late 80s. They hadn’t managed to land a record deal and the record labels thought their style of music was out of date. However Mace is a proof that you never should give up your dreams. Fast forward to 2011 and Mace were not only back together they had also teamed up with their old friend Peter Tagtgren and recorded their debut album ‘Last Retreat’ in the Abyss studios. The album includes old unreleased tracks that have been re-worked and re-recorded for the album and it ends with ‘Kill With Mace’, their own battle hymn ala Manowars ‘Kill With Power’.

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