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Mollrr (Swe)

Mollrr (Swe)
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Rock / Prog / Psych


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Roger Broman - Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Organ (Jukon Speakers (guest), Spirella Girls)
Harry hlmhagen - Guitar, Vocals
Jrgen Persson - Bass (Jukon Speakers, Pinheads)
Lars-Olof "Garage" Gilln - Drums (Jukon Speakers, The Pinheads, TBC, Steve Roper Band, White Falcons, Blodsmak)
MOLLRR was a prog/rock band from Vnns formed by Roger and Lars who had played together in various bands since 1966. The band also featured guitarist Harry hlmhagen (old band-member of Roger & Lars) and Jrgen Persson on bass. The songs on the LP 'Med Muskelmun Och Mannarap" contains material written by these previously constilations. The album was recorded may 1982 at Studio 3L, Ume and released in a limited edition of 337 copies. Lars would later play with bands such as JUKON SPEAKERS and PINHEADS (to name a few), he's also the mastermind behind Brute Force Records & Garageland Records. Roger have written songs for bands such as NIO LIV, BAN-ZAI, SPIRELLA GIRLS as well JUKON SPEAKERS.
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