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- Demo, 2012

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Notorious (Swe)

Notorious (Swe)
Band Info
Melodic Metal / Neo-Classical Metal
Sweden (


ca 1987 - 19XX, 2012
Official Website
Johan Längquist - Vocals (Jonah Quizz, Candlemass, Impulsia, D-Project)
Johan "Johann" Nyström - Guitars (Blackcëpt)
Jan "Janne" Persson - Bass (Gotham City, Mud & Blood (guest), Grace, Maze of Time, Bad Radiator, Plankat & Klart)
Andrew "Andy" Skinner - Drums (Tigertailz (UK), Vandamme (UK), Space Monkies (UK), Jellybean (UK))
Johan "Yohann" Bohlinder/Bonér - Keyboards (Blackcept)
Former / Past Members
Göran Eliasson - Vocals
Chris Eldblom - Vocals
Duncan Burbury - Bass (UFO (UK))
Watashi Nagushi - Drums
Thomas Lewin - Lyrics
Official Biography (from innersleeve)
NOTORIOUS consists of five reatively toung musicians (with the average age of 21), which is based in Stockholm, Sweden and comprises of two English and three Swedish members. NOTORIOUS music and music style is trying to combine the basic classical harmonies with some of the power and feel of rock music. Everyone in NOTORIOUS is determined to improve their own musical talents in many different fields of music, which put together form the style of NOTORIOUS. The band recently reformed and recorded demos where Johan Längquist sings on some songs.

Bio from Janne Stark's Encyclopedia
It all started in 1987, when Johann went to London. There he met bass player Duncan and gave him a demo of his songs. Duncan met a Swedish girl, moved to Stockholm and the two started jamming. They brought over drummer Watashi Nagushi from London, but he had to return for financial reasons. They found fellow countryman Andy Skinner and the trio started rehearsing. They now added a keyboard player and lead singer. Yohann Bohlinder apllied as vocalist, but was a better keyboard player and filled that spot instead. They tried out singer Chris Eldblom, who didn't work out and later found frontman Tomas Lewin. The band suddenly had a manager who was paying for a recording and booked a studio. Studio owner Kent Kroon came up with singer Göran Eliasson (son of opera singer Jan Eliasson), who sang on the recording. Nyström was into a bit more complicated music and did not agree with the bands commercial direction, why he left only a year after he formed the band. The band tried finding a replecement, but finally folded. Nyström recorded some instrumental demo tracks using Andy on drums, but then went to the US to pursue his musical career. Unfortunately to no avail. Skinner went back to the UK and joined Tigertailz. He also played with Rory Gallagher and Vandamne. Burbury also went back to the UK and did a short stint with UFO, before moving to Australia. Lewin went the cover route. In 2010 Johann and Yohann started writing together, invited Andy to join and in 2012 they reunited Notorious. They actually recorded a new demo using singer Johan Längquist (Candlemass, Jonah Quizz) and bass player Janne Persson (Maze of Time).
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