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One Cent (Swe)

One Cent (Swe)
Band Info
AOR / Melodic Hard Rock
Sweden (


Stefan Berggren - Vocals (Taurus, Snakes In Paradise, Company of Snakes, Four Sticks, Razorback, Rossall & The Gang?)
Fredrik "Kulle" Åkesson - Guitar (Shock Tilt, Taurus, Talisman, Opeth, Tiamat, Arch Enemy, Clockwise, Shock Tilt, Southpaw, Jupiter Society, Krux, Sabbtail)
Peter Mikaelsson - Keyboards
Robert Stellmar - Bass (Icondemn, Denied, Human Rage)
Glenn Jonsson - Drums, Percussion
Formed by Stefan Berggren and Fredrik Åkesson in the late 80's. The single 'Fear of Time / Falling' was recorded in 1989 and was the bands only release. Fredrik later left the band to form SHOCK TILT and to record with TALISMAN. Stefan joined SNAKES IN PARADISE which was led by former BEDLAM guitarist Tomas Jacobsson. They had big success and got the chance to backup MARK FEE at the UK 'Gods Of AOR' show in 1993. ONE CENT later changed their name to TAURUS and had a new line-up consisting of Stefan, Fredrik, ex-POWER and YNGWIE MALMSTEEN drummer Zepp Urgard and bassist Thomas Thorberg.
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