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Pole Position (Swe)

Pole Position (Swe)
Band Info
Melodic / Hard Rock / Metal
Sweden (


1990 - present (reunited 2013)
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Jonas Blum - Vocals (Dizziness, Sleazy, Heartline, Rebels, Bhonus, Reptilian, Vagh, Majestic, Optimystical, Per de Flon, Goda Grannar, The Lars, Sikta Mot Stjärnorna)

Lars "Lasse" Boquist - Guitar (Dizziness, Trigger, Heartline, Hetz, Reptilian, Neondaze, Fair of Freaks)

Lars "Lare" Hultman - Bass  (Dizziness, Trigger, Sleazy, Heartline, Grand Vision, Concrete Feat)

Gustav "Gutte" Liljenström - Drums (Captain Freaks Freaky Funkers, Marshal Kane, Battle Station, Millhouse)
Former / Past Members
Daniel "Dante" Gese - Drums (Dizziness, Trigger, Heartline, Grand Vision, B.H.A.T.A., Hetz, Stone Cold Crazy)

Hans Persson - Drums

Joakim "Jocke" Åberg - Keyboards, Bass R.I.P.
Official Biography
Pole Position was from the beginning the continuation of Dizziness but with Jonas Blum replacing Tomas Naeslund on vocals in late 1987. The other Dizziness guitarist Stefan Wallman had already quit and was replaced by keyboard player Per Arne Franzén. Shorlty after Jonas entered the band Per quit due to other comittments and was replaced by Joachim Jocke Åberg on keyboard. Jocke would later on take over the bass when Lars Lare Hultman would quit. The music changed a bit to more keyboard oriented than it was before. Band name was also changed from Dizziness to Heartline. They might even have had the name September for a short period like 15 minutes or so.... Demos were made, to begin with some of the old and new Dizziness songs. Around 1990 band name was changed again to Pole Position. They was now more guitar oriented again with less or no keyboard at all. PP would contribute to a compilation, with the theme Against racism. At this time Daniel Dante Gese har started to work in a recordning studio, the same studio that would release the compilation. PP recorded the song Call. Since the result was so good PP decided to record a whole album since there had been no response on the demos. PP decided to release a single, Call, that was sent to almost all universe. English BBC dj Tommy Vance gets to hear the single. He plays it in his show BBC show Friday Night Rock show. English record company Phonogram calls the band and shows interest. And to make it short, Nirvana and grunge happen and ruin everything and the rest is history.

Biography (from Janne Stark's Encyclopedia)
The band recorded a 12" EP and a split-single under the name DIZZINESS before reforming and changing their name to POLE POSITION. Guitar Lars Boquist has made several highly interesting instrumental guitar demos and he came in third place in the 1991 national lead guitar contest "Guitar Battle". On the first single keyboard-player Joakim Åberg was also in the band. He returned as a bass player on the second album and replaced Lars Hultman. On the second album Hans had also replaced drummer Daniel Gese. The single and the first album is grea melodic hard rock with excellent guitar work, a bit like VINNIE VINCENT INVASION with DEF LEPPARD influenced chorus-parts. The second album shows a more modern, alternative but still heavy side of the band. Daniel and Lars have previosly recorded a 7" with the band GRAND VISION and Jonas recorded a 7" with the band REBELS. In 1995 singer Jonas participated in a competition, live on national TV, imitating Axl Rose. A cover of "Paradise City" with Jonas on vocals appears on the compilation-CD "Sikta Mot Stjärnorna 2". In December bass-player Joakim Åberg sadly passed away after having been seriosly ill for six months. He however made the last recording with the band. The album contains a cover of the classic CITY BOY tune Jonas and Lars later recorded with REPTILIAN, and Lars has also made a CD with NEONDAZE and is now in melodic metal band FAIR OF FREAKS.

Biography (Musicmight)
Previously known as DIZZINESS, under which name the band released the 'Playing With Fire' single in 1985. The Norrköping act cited a line-up of singer Tomas Naeslund, guitarists Lars Boquist and Stefan Wallman, bassist Lars Hultman with Daniel Gese on drums. Having switched Naeslund for Jonas Blum and dropped Wallman, DIZZINESS became POLE POSITION. The group released its self-titled debut album in 1993 following an impressive showing on demo tapes. One of these cassettes got into the hands of Radio One's 'The Friday Rock Show's famous host Tommy Vance who aired the track 'Call' on the show frequently. Original bassist Lars Hultman exited and Joakim Åberg duly took over bass responsibilities to add to his keyboard role.

Recording demos for the second album, POLE POSITION began to go for a more contemporary direction, whilst away from the rehearsal room and recording studio vocalist Jonas Blum got as far as the final during 1995 in a Swedish TV celebrity impersonation show (Sikta Mot Stjärnorna) imitating GUNS N' ROSES frontaman Axl Rose.

The eleven track strong second album, 'Bigger', was eventually released through Music For Nations' new offshoot Hard Rock imprint Analogue in early 1998 under license from Peach Music Group. The album was the first to feature new drummer Hans Persson. Tragically, bassist Joakim Åberg died in the late nineties.

Jonas Blum joined forces with ex-ESPINOZA and NASTY IDOLS man Peter Espinoza to found LAB RAT, shortly after changing band name to MAJESTIC. Both Espinoza and Blum went on to found Progressive Metal band REPTILIAN in alliance with POLE POSITION guitarist Lars Boquist.
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