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Power Unit (Swe)

Power Unit (Swe)
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Heavy / Power Metal
Sweden (


1988 - 1992, 2005 - XXXX
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Yngve "Slägga" Edvardsson - Vocals
Christoffer Hermansson - Guitar, Bass (Seventh One)
Jonny Edvardsson - Drums (Seventh One, In Tunes)

Former / Past Members:
Johannes "Axeman" Losbäck - Guitar (Decameron, Seventh One, Wolf)
Henrik Andersson - Guitar
Magnus Hansson - Bass (Harvey Wallbanger?, Miscellany)
Hans Schakonat - Guitar? (Kalajs, Brylkleters, Flisorna Flyger, Thumbe, Shine On, Frethless Eric, Schakonat Bluesband, The Mulligan Stue (Johan Örjanssons band), Trio Schakonat, The Second Time, Winter, Totta Näslund, Robert Wells, Hot Fudge, Trärockarna, Jack Vreeswijk, Bar-B-Q, Mojos)

POWER UNIT was formed in the late 80's and released one album on the danish label Büms Records in 1990. The band also recorded a song at Megaphone Studios in 1992 entitled "Worlds Requiem" - it was however never released, the band folded later that year but would reform in 2005 and record some demo material. Johannes Losbäck are today active in the Örebro band WOLF.
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