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Publikförakt AB (Swe)

Publikförakt AB (Swe)
Band Info
Heavy Metal / Punk
Sweden (

Sollentuna, Stockholm

1979 - 1983

Johnny - Vocals
Mats "Maniac" Ördén - Vocals, Keyboards, ex-Drums
Janne "Bror Duktig" Ördén - Guitar, ex-Bass
Lasse Grönnå - Bass
Pontus "Primal" Arkerud/Oldberg - Drums, ex-Vocals, ex-Bass

Former / Past Members
Marie Andersson - Vocals
Jesper "Glasse" Arkerud/Oldberg - Bass, ex-Guitar
Started as a amateur punk-band heavily influenced by EBBA GRÖN, STIFF LITTLE FINGERS etc.. After playing a while together the band started to grow tired of punk and took more influences from the heavy metal scene. A big influence was UK SUBS who just had released their single 'Warhead'. PUBLIKFÖRAKT went into the studio in April -82 and recorded their one and only single 'The Night of Horror'.

Biography from Janne Stark's Encyclopedia
The band was formed late 1979 by the brothers Arkerud (now Oldberg), Pontus (bass) and Jesper (guitar). The name means "Contempt for the audience Inc.", a name they took just to make it sound punk, and punk they were. They drafted singer Marie Andersson and her boyfriend Mats Ördén, at first as drummer. Marie was fired and the relationship ended. Mats and Pontus took over the vocal bits, were Pontus handled bass and vocals. The music was punk inspired by Stiff Little Fingers, UK Subs etc. After a while Mats brother Janne learned to play the bass, Pontus took over the drums and Mats went all vocal. Janne got better at playing guitar and took over the guitar parts, while the bass was taken over by Lasse Grönnå, and Jesper got phased out. Now the band had two great guitarists, and Mats took over the bass. The music had now, around 1981, changed to heavy metal, inspired by bands like AC/DC and Iron Maiden. They now recorded the single, which contained their last punkiest song and their first metal song. After this they found a better singer, named Johnny. The band did some shows, but split late 1983. Johnny later had a career in Italy as a pop singer.
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