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Parafine (Swe)

Parafine (Swe)
Band Info
Heavy Metal



Björn "Björne" Wikholm - Vocals
Sven Regner - Guitar
Janne Buckley - Guitar (Hope and Fall)
Thomas Esterman - Bass
Miche Johansson - Drums
Janka Sanches - Sound Engineer / Road Crew

PARAFINE was formed in Stockholm and rehearsed at Skärholmens centrum, Östermalm and Skanstull. After PARAFINE had recorded a couple of demo-tapes they went into the studio and recorded a private 7" single entitled 'Fire / I Want To Hear You Call', it was released independently in 1985 limited to 500 copies. However some of the copies was used as promotion in France where bassist Thomas Esterman had his girlfriend back then, thanks to some contacts PARAFINE also got the chance to play a live show while visiting - they where presented as "the band from the cold"
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